Happy New Month Everyone!

March is one of my favorite months because that means Spring is so close you can almost smell it. Being a spring baby, it only makes sense that it is my favorite season [minus the allergies].

Throughout this month, Jobim Clothing will be sharing tips, tricks, and stories all about traveling. So if “Travel All 2019” is on your goal list, then this post is for you. Many of us just want to go but may not have a travel destination in mind. Here are 6 tips to help you with making a decision.

Are you “Team Money Aint A Thang” or “Team Bills Are Waiting For Me Upon Return”? Whichever one, its not a problem just be clear about it in the early stages of planning. No need to look up plane tickets if you can barely afford a train ticket.

Are you really up for a 12 hour flight or even an 8 hour car ride? That is a really long time. Deciding which one you prefer will also help you decide if an extended trip or weekend getaway may be best.

When considering a travel destination, try thinking outside the box. Yes the stereotypical travel destinations like Las Vegas, the Eiffel Tower, and Dubai are amazing. However, there is so much more beyond those locations. Do your own research on a few B- List locations. While going of the beaten path is cool, if you choose to venture really far, be sure to analyze the risks involved. Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should. All I am saying is use some discernment with your creative ideas.

Maybe hiking, skiing, or going to theme parks are things you enjoy now or always wanted to. Planning a trip around what interests you is a great way to guarantee a good time.

Go for it. Try not to over think it. The more time you take to go back an forth to make a decision, the more likely it is you may not go. Wasting time also leaves the potential to miss out on deals for what could have been an epic travel destination.

Yea I said it. Be selfish. Treat yourself boo. This should be a vacation for you filled with the things you want to do. Inviting others is alright if their trip desires align with yours. Do not be afraid to travel alone. I guarantee you will enjoy going alone versus going with someone who doesn’t really want to be there and do the things you want to do. Trust your instincts. You’ve got this!

If you feel like you need more inspiration, feel free to checkout Pinterest, Instagram, travel books, travel blogs, even ask friends and family. No matter what keep in mind, someone else’s experience will not be the same as yours.

Safe Travels Jobim Fam!