While vacationing to new places, one thing is needed above all else before returning home, the perfect picture. You have returned from your adventures and everybody will want to know how it was. Describing it was okay but a picture is a thousand times better. Plus it didn’t happen if there isn’t proof right?  Today we’ll cover a few Instagram worthy murals done by African American artists across the United States.

Willis Nomo Humphrey - Colorful Brotherhood - Philadelphia
Artist: Willis Nomo Humphrey
Title: Colorful Brotherhood
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Source: http://www.willisnomo.com/murals/mural-colorful-legacy-building-brotherhood/






Mr Maxx Moses - Left Brain Right Brain - San Diego
Artist: Mr. Maxx Moses
Title: Left Brain Right Brian
Location: San Diego, California
Source: http://www.maxxmoses.com






Megan Lewis - Know Thy Self - Baltimore
Artist: Megan Lewis
Title: Know Thy Self
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Source: http://meganlewis1.blogspot.com







Corey Barksdale - Atlanta
Artist: Corey Barksdale
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Source: https://www.creative-art-connection.us/atlanta_mural_art_services.html






If you do end up visiting any amazing murals, please tag #JobimClothing and let us know where you are at. Still trying to figure out where to go exactly? Check out our previous post 6 Tips For Choosing A Travel Destination

Happy Travels!