Destination selected, flight booked, and it’s the night before your trip. You’re looking at an empty suite case that’s staring right back at you. Shame on you for waiting till the night before, and even more shame if it’s the morning of, but don’t fret; we got you. Check out these tips for travel prep and packing to ensure that nothing will be left behind or taken unnecessarily. We’ll make the most of your prep, travel, and return home.


How to pack; If you love clothes but hate checking a bag the key word is maximize! Gather and lay out all the things you think you will need, then eliminate half. This will make you justify everything you pack. Start with larger or bulkier items first and fill in with the smaller ones. Fold clothes using the Marie Kondo Method or tightly roll them. Depending on where you are traveling wear layers of clothing while traveling, so they do not take up space in the bag. To keep things fresh place dryer sheets between a few items of clothing. Keep jewelry in snack size plastic bags for easy organization.


What to pack; This is the issue for most people, including myself, because a girl needs options. Maximize your travel drip by packing pieces that are easy to mix and match to create looks without bulk. One-piece items like dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits are your friend. Same goes with shoes. Since they take up so much space, use discernment when choosing which pair to flaunt. Pick shoes that can easily transition from day to night if needed. Pack a swim suite and a plastic bag to put it in for the trip home.


Remember the toothbrush; it never fails, something is always left behind. Prevent that by mentally going through your routine while packing. Also, believe in the power of the travel size aisle as they are also your friends. You need items that are used only for trips and they should be kept together in a “drop bag”. Just drop it in the suite case or personal item and go. Speaking of personal items, make the most of the one you chose to take. Flexible bags like our makeup bags are best for items that you’d like to keep close.


But what about my hair? If you’re natural, that is the question of the millennium. I am a huge stan for protective styles in general, but especially for trips. No one has time to be twisting and what not on vacation. However, if you are about that life more power to you. Get your favorite edge product in a travel size or put some in a small container. Also, be mindful of climate change because if your hair is like mine it will use any opportunity to play you. Keep your edges wrapped until you need them.  Don’t forget your Jobim Clothing bonnet or satin lined head wrap for sleeping and leisure time. After your fun in the sun, your hair may need a little love. Consider an in-flight hair deep condition treatment if your flight is not too long.


The ride; Travel and air travel especially can he harsh and drying on your skin. We need that pre and post vacation glow to be on 100. Sheet masks are perfect for an in flight skin booster and require little to no clean up. Remember to keep your sheet mask, a good hand lotion, and lip moisturizer in your personal item. Oh, and snacks too.


Are you thinking to yourself: “Hey these tips are great but I don’t have money for a vacation to even think of packing for.” Not a problem. Head over to our previous post ->  4 Tips for Saving Money for Travel

Bon Voyage!