Today you all are in for a treat. As I have been gathering research, stories, and information all about travel, I asked a few individuals if they wouldn’t mind sharing their experiences. A friend of mine mentioned that she enjoys visiting Alaska. My first thought  was “black people actually visit there? We typically venture to warmer climates….”. No judgement. Just uninformed. Just being honest. I learned a lot through her story and it solidified my personal goal to ‘travel outside of the box’. Check out her experience below.

Anchorage, Alaska

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My first visit to Anchorage, Alaska was in the fall of 2017. Many people ask me why I would choose to visit Alaska. It seemed all they could think of was the cold. I soon realized that there was so much more to this majestic place.

A friend of mine had moved to Anchorage two years prior to my visit. I made a promise to come see her, and 4 months later I was on a flight, heading far north.

With a little under 300,000 inhabitants, Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. From the window seat of the plane, I could see a city surrounded by water and a massive range of snow-capped mountains. The view was breathtaking, a tranquil and remote place, undisturbed and bursting with natural wonder.

Chugach State Park

I discovered later that the mountains I was gazing at were part of the Chugach State Park. The Chugach State Park is located just a short drive east of Anchorage on Seward Highway. In the fall, the air was crisp and smelled of the nearby rain forest. If you’re a nature lover, Chugach is the perfect place for hiking, camping, fishing, and a variety of other outdoor activities.

Alyeska Resort and Hotel

As if being in the tranquility of nature wasn’t enough, my friend and I drove deeper into the mountains to stay at the Alyeska Resort and Hotel, located in the town of Girdwood. Set amongst a backdrop of mountains and tall cedar trees, Alyeska is a great place for skiing, fine dining, and pampering yourself at the spa. The hotel itself history of Alaska After a 2-hour massage and facial, we dined at the popular restaurant Jack Sprat, where we indulged in delicious scallops, flank steak, pasta, and amazing wine. The resort even provided live music throughout the week, at the Sitzmark Bar & Grill.

My visit to Alaska was an unexpected treasure. Never would I have imagined that I’d grow so fond of a place in such a short period of time. Full of scenic beauty, Alaska is the perfect destination for outdoor activities and anyone with an adventurers spirit.


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Blog Post Contributor: Huriya Yero