Preservation of self is something that a lot of us tend to forget about for one reason or another. We have responsibilities and others to care for, but remember that one can never pour from a cup that is empty. Ensuring that you are the best version of yourself allows for the best version of your love, support, and work to be poured into other vessels. This month we take a look at self care, what it looks like, and how to be unapologetic about taking time for you.

Why do we feel guilty about being selfish at times? As humans, we require time to reset and do things that support our overall happiness, mental health, and emotion integrity. Allowing yourself the time to cater to your needs that often go unmet is vital to getting through this journey of life. The subject of self care has been surfacing more often but what is it? The beautiful thing about this subject is that it can mean whatever it needs to. It is something that is completely unique to the individual. The purpose however is all the same; relieve stress, realign yourself, and rejuvenate your soul. However that needs to be done for you, so be it! Self care is a commitment to tend to your own needs and focus your energy on replenishing the things that have gotten low. No different than anything else that needs maintenance. When your personal “check engine” light comes on, self care is that trip to the mechanic.

How do you practice self care? By doing anything that makes your soul happy. It is really that simple. While you are doing said act, make the commitment to do it with purpose and be unapologetic about it. Something so simple, yet many still struggle with it. A walk in the park, a solo picnic, praise and worship jam session, a trip, a spa day, seeing a therapist, rearranging your space, a new hobby, retail therapy, volunteering, journaling, candlelit bath, a good meal. Literally anything. It may sound like some of these things are just “treat yo self” moments, but with a goal in mind it can be self care. No one makes these rules except for you.

For me, self care is isolation, music, journaling, a face mask, and a drank every now and again. Whatever you choose, don’t be sorry about it. Commit to bettering you, unapologetically. Be sure to check out our new “Unapologetically African” tees now available !