It is our hope that by now you have taken some time to think about self care and how to incorporate it into your life. We all need things to look forward to, to excel towards, and reward ourselves with. This week we will take a deeper look into self care and hope to give you a jump start to some ideas. Here are some ways to water your mind, body, and spirit to grow the best version of yourself.


The mind is the center of everything we do, so treating your mind with TLC is vital. Mental health is something that we all should take into consideration for general wellness. Underlying traumas and unhealthy coping mechanisms negate any type of self care regime that you may have. Therapy is a great way to maintain mental strength. If therapy is not on your radar or something that you are ready for, practicing things like mindfulness could be beneficial. Take a break, a real break from stressors in your life. Take time to unplug from the world and your phone. Take a nap, they are like mini reset buttons for your day. Dive into self help podcasts or books. Find a way to free your mind. That could be a creative hobby like pottery or painting also.


When you feel good physically, you usually feel good mentally. Self care in the physical sense care mean a number of things. Physical activities get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing to generate happy feelings in the brain. This can also mean massage therapy, trying things like acupuncture and a therapeutic bath. A good skin care routine either at a spa or in your bathroom followed by a candle lit bath or shower. Change up your look either a little or a lot.


A soul that is weary is hard to carry and even harder to spread light. Ensuring that your energy is centered and vibrating on the correct frequency should be an everyday thing. If it is not, take the time to calibrate your spirit in whatever way you see fit. Praise and worship, prayer, and meditation can be ways to reflect and give thanks. Reading daily devotionals can start your day off in the correct direction. Practices to maintain spiritual health can be taken every day or as needed. A clean temple will hold clean intentions and purpose.


Making the decisions to commit to self care is the start of a beautiful journey. Learning to care for yourself in any way that you see fit and do so unapologetically is the key. All aspects of your life need attention from your body, mind, and soul. Taking care of them allows the best version of your hard work and love to be poured into other vessels. The bottom line is you are important. You are vital. You deserve a reset. Finally, if you don’t take the time for you, no one will give it to you.



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