Gele Header - Jobim ClothingThroughout West Africa, the gele has many names but one thing remains the same it is a statement piece. The Yoruba call it gele. The Igbo call it ichafu. And in general English, you can call it head tie. The tying of the gele is a task all on its own. With plenty of practice though you will see that creating a style that works for you isn’t so bad at all. Each and every style is unique. You hardly ever tie the same one twice. Tutorials are available all across YouTube if you search well. There are some traditional styles but in our opinion, there is not a wrong way to tie a head tie. Our favorite style is the multi-pleat design.  Above all else practice makes perfect. You can see a variety of geles at weddings, naming ceremonies, church, banquets, graduations, etc. Turn heads at any event wearing a beautiful ichafu from Jobim Clothing.