Queendom Collection

Enhance your wardrobe with elegance and grace with items from the Queendom Collection. Our newest luxury line pairs together coordinating items for the Queen within you. Each volume of the limited release is named after a notable African Queen.

Moremi I

Red, white, blue, and gold, a head wrap signifying power and strength for any situation

Moremi II

Metallic and lightweight, a head wrap with a bold pattern to illuminate every room you walk in

Moremi III

Whimsical with pinks and yellows, a head wrap that reflects your true personality

Moremi IV

Neutral, calm, and collected, a head wrap with browns, greens, and oranges for a laid back and level headed queen.

Who is Moremi?

Moremi of Ile Ife, Yorubaland, Nigeria, West Africa

Mọ́remí Àjàsorò was a legendary Yoruba queen and folk heroine in the Yorubaland region of present-day southwestern Nigeria who is fabled to have assisted in the liberation of the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the neighboring Ugbo Kingdom. [Source: Wikipedia]

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